Travagnin, Stefania

Occupation: Woman religious studies scholar
Corporate Relations: |School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Geographical Relations: Country: United Kingdom (XA-GB)
Country: United States (XD-US)
Country: Canada (XD-CA)
Country: Netherlands (XA-NL)
Biographical References: GND (101224475X)
ORCID (0000-0001-5692-6599)
Wikidata (Q101299530)
Subsystems: Index Theologicus

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100 1 |a Travagnin, Stefania 
510 2 |a |School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London  |4 affi  |w r  |i Affiliation  |e Affiliation 
550 |0 (DE-627)516119133  |0 (DE-576)256075360  |0 (DE-588)7537174-1  |a Religionswissenschaftlerin  |4 berc  |w r  |i Charakteristischer Beruf 
550 |a PhD, Study of Religions, School of Oriental and African Studies, Univ. of London  |4 akad  |w r  |i Akademischer Grad 
670 |a LCAuth 
678 |b Visiting Assistant Professor of East Asian Religions, Department of Religious Studies, University of Missouri, USA (2008-2009), Assistant Professor of Chinese Religions, Department of Religion and Culture, University of Saskatchewan, Kanada (2009-2010), Visiting Assistant Professor of East Asian Buddhism, Department of History, Pennsylvania State University, USA (2010-2012), Lecturer in Chinese Thought and Practice, Department of Religion and Theology, University of Manchester, UK (2012-2013), Rosalind Franklin Fellow and Assistant Professor of Religion in Asia, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Universität Groningen (seit 2013) 
692 |a The illustrated encyclopedia of Buddhism. - 2009 
700 1 |0 (DLC)no2010141916  |2 naf 
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