Acquisition profile of FID Study of Religion

The profile for the acquisitions, mainly for monographs and anthologies, is based on the classification scheme of “Science of Religion”.

Scientific literature on the following categories published main Western European languages, but – on request – also in lesser known languages is acquired by FID Religionswissenschaft.

Method and theory

  • History of the Study of Religion
  • History of religion, sociology of religion, psychology of religion, etc.
  • Method, definition
  • Theory, Philosophy of Religion
  • Comparative studies

Regional context

  • Comparative literature on religions in a region*
  • Interregional Religions / Worldviews
  • New Religious Movements (NRM)
  • Other ideological associations
*Works on individual major religions outside Europe are not included in the acquisition profile of FID Study of Religion, due to a possible overlap with the collection profiles of regional FID (e.g. FID Middle East, North Africa and Islamic studies or CROSSASIA).

Textual / Conceptual Context

  • Comparative literature on religious texts*
  • Literature on ethnic religions
  • Criticism of religion, non-religion, atheism, etc.
  • Debates (e.g. Religion vs. Science)
*Not acquired is exegetical-philological literature of individual religions