Next to simple and advanced search RelBib offers three different ways to browse the database: by subject (“Browse by Subject”), according to categories (“Browse by Category”) and alphabetically (“Browse Alphabetically”). You can access this function by clicking on “Browse” in the area below the search slot.

Find Topic

The Browse by Subject mode is intended to find subjects and standardized subject groups that are similar to the terms entered. This is especially useful to obtain subject groups and titles that are topically close to your originating search. You can add (or remove) further keywords from the suggested subject heading strings in the input field by clicking on the desired term and simultaneously pressing the Shift key. You can also switch to this browsing mode from the other way around: Select a specific title which was indexed with subject headings. Just click on the B button on the left of the subject heading string, and you will see other titles which have the same string.

Browse by Category

The Browse by Category mode offers a way to start with some high level categories and refine your search to certain aspects without the need to know specific search terms beforehand. Categories provided are call number (DDC classmarks), RelBib classification, subject (keyword), author and publisher. You are lead through a tree structure and may filter the items you wish to browse by using other fields.

Browse Alphabetically

The Browse alphabetically mode offers a comprehensive alphabetically sorted list of the contents of the respective categories. This is advantageous for an overview search. You can decide at which point in the alphabet you would like to step in and choose from the following aspects: by topic, by author, by title or by LCC call number.

This function is also useful when you are not sure how to spell the name of a given author or term: in that case just enter the first few letters of a word.