Institutional cooperations

German Association for the Study of Religion (DVRW)

There is a core cooperation of an ideal nature with the DVRW. This is substantiated by the fact that the current chairman of the DVRW is also a member of the academic advisory board of the FID Study of Religion. This advisory board in turn closely integrates the FID into the academic scholarship. In regular meetings lively exchange takes place with regard to current developments in science policy as well as the needs of scholars of the study of religion.

Subproject Marburg: Indexing and Integration of the REMID Archive

With the start of the second funding phase (2019–2021), the FID Study of Religion has gained the Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (Department of the Study of Religion) of the University of Marburg, the archive of REMID e.V. and Marburg University Library as cooperation partners. The plan of the Marburg subproject is a transfer of the archival holdings of REMID e.V. to Marburg University Library and to migrate the data into RelBib. The archive, which has been built up over 30 years of association work, comprises of religious periodicals as well as brochures and materials on new religious movements. It will be formally catalogued and indexed as part of a three-year project. The aim of the project is to improve access to the material of the REMID archive and to make it searchable in RelBib.

In a first step, the holdings of the REMID archive will be critically examined and checked for their archivability and rarity in terms of content. The archive currently comprises approx. 580 journals, including approx. 80 current titles. About half of the journals are not yet available in libraries and will be made publicly available for the first time. In addition, the archive contains 800-900 thematically arranged folders with booklets / pamphlets of religious groups. The previous possession by REMID is going to be indicated with a provenance note in the data records.

Relations with the Documentation Centre for Religious Pluralism in Germany

Close relations are also maintained with the Documentation Centre for Religious Pluralism in Germany at the Institute for the Study of Religion at the University of Leipzig. Here we are still thinking about the form in which these materials can be made accessible on a supra-regional basis.

Informal relations with other specialist information services

To date, the FID Study of Religion has maintained informal contact with the regional FID Asia / CrossAsia and FID Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies / MENALIB.