Features with login

Many useful functions are at your disposal when you create a personal account.


The alerting function lets you know when new articles from certain journals and new volumes from certain series are available in RelBib. You may decide in which cases you would like to get a corresponding message. There are two ways in RelBib to be alerted about new content.

Alerting for single journals or series

In order to receive alerts for a single journal or a series, you first have to select the entry for the journal or series as a whole. You then click on the bell symbol which you will find on the right side of the corresponding entry in the search results. Alternatively, you can use the “Subscribe” button in the top line of the title view. Please use a RelBib account to manage your alerts.

Alert bundles for journals

If you want to stay up to date on a certain topic, we advise you to choose an alert bundle. In the alert bundles, we have already grouped journals belonging to a certain topic or category in advance. Whenever articles from at least one of the journals included in the alert bundle you have chosen have been newly added to RelBib, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Available alert bundles

Saving and mailing search requests

Your current search requests are temporarily stored in the search history. If you would like to have permanent access to certain search requests, you can save them permanently in your account. You will find them under “Saved Searches” and may use them again through a simple mouse click. This feature might be useful for complex requests or for subjects in which you have a continuing interest. In this way, you will find the latest literature on a given subject or area of knowledge. Likewise, you can send your search request to another person via e-mail.

Select the corresponding search tool underneath the list of search results.

Sending your search result list per e-mail

You can also send your search result list or single entries to another person per e-mail. Choose individual entries or tick “Select Page” above the list. Click the “E-Mail” button and enter the destination address.

Please notice: You can only send the entries of a single result page. The results set can be increased using the “Results per page” drop-down menu above the list.

Saving items

You can save interesting titles directly in your account. Click on the star symbol in the result list or in the detailed view. Saved items are permanently accessible, and you do not have to waste time searching for them again. You may like to keep your “saved items” in different lists, which you define yourself. Thus, you can assign individual titles to specific research projects or collaborators. Using your personal account, you can also export your saved items, send them per e-mail or print them.

Sharing lists with other people

If you want to allow your research colleagues access to one of your title lists, you have to select the status “public” when you create a list or change the status accordingly. Then simply copy the URL to the desired list from your browser slot and email it to your colleagues.

Patron-Driven-Acquisition (PDA)

We are offering a Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) system which enables us to respond to special demands for literature of the study of religion in Germany. When necessary, the required books are purchased by the University Library in Tübingen. At the RelBib website, users may directly trigger the purchase of monographs which are not available at their current location and cannot be obtained through an inter-library loan.