Subject headings

Subject headings are standardized terms that are intellectually added to books and journal articles in order to outline the content of a work and thus ensure a better retrievability in subject searching.

In addition to the thematic subject headings (subject / keyword), there are subject headings referring to the form, to the period or the region covered.

In Relbib there are different possibilities to use subject headings for a search:

  • Selection of the field “Subject” next to the search slot
  • Browsing by Subject
  • Filtering a set of search results with the help of the keyword facets in the right column

By the way: The subject headings in RelBib have been translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. This means that searching for a term always leads to the same number of results whichever of these languages is set.

Example: A search for the keyword “atheism” results in the same number of results as a search for “Atheismus”.