The Altars of Republican Rome and Latium: Sacrifice and the Materiality of Roman Religion

This book reorients the study of sacrifice, examining the locus of ritual action - the altars of Republican Rome and Latium

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Main Author: Moser, Claudia (Author)
Format: Electronic Book
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Published: New York Cambridge University Press 2019
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Parallel Edition:Print version: Moser, Claudia: The Altars of Republican Rome and Latium : Sacrifice and the Materiality of Roman Religion. - New York : Cambridge University Press,c2019. - 9781108428859
Summary:This book reorients the study of sacrifice, examining the locus of ritual action - the altars of Republican Rome and Latium
Cover -- Half-title -- Title page -- Copyright information -- Dedication -- Contents -- Figures -- Maps -- Tables -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- The Material Settings: Five Latial Sanctuaries -- The Materiality and Timelessness of Sacrifice: Past, Present, and Future -- The Past: Memory, Tradition, and Repetition -- The Present: Communal Experience and Material Authority -- The Future: Burial and Deposition -- Organization of the Chapters -- The Bigger Picture: Is There a ''Roman Sacrifice''? -- Chapter One The Organization and Boundaries of Sacred Places -- Boundaries, Borders, and the ''Temenos'' -- External Edges -- Testing Out Terminology: Boundaries, Borderlines, and Borders -- Internal Boundaries: Experiential Boundaries and Implied Divisions -- Internal Boundaries: Ritual Boundaries and Sacred Deposits -- Ostia: The Sacred Area of the Republican Temples -- Public Boundaries -- Group of Altars -- Temple of the Round Altar -- Tetrastyle Temple -- Temple of Hercules -- Ardea: The Sanctuary of Fosso dell'Incastro -- Temple B -- Temple A -- Natural Resources and Ritual Use -- Strict Organization of Sacred Places -- Chapter Two The Economy of Ritual: The Standardization and Heterogeneity of Votive Offerings -- A Landscape of Variety -- Largo Argentina: Phases of the Sanctuary - An Overview -- Temple C -- Temple A -- Temples B and D -- Arulae from Largo Argentina -- Beyond the temenos of Largo Argentina -- Latium -- Campania and Sicily -- Economy of Offering: Material Object or Ritual Use? -- Votive Deposits at Largo Argentina: Balsamari and Use-Value -- Miniature Vessels in Latial Votive Deposits -- Sites of Production and Manufacture -- Democratization of the Sacred in Miniature -- Chapter Three The Seasonality of Ritual: Animal Sacrifice -- Seasonality and Annual Ritual -- Animal Sacrifice at S. Omobono -- S. Omobono
The S. Omobono Faunal Record -- Types of Animals -- Infrastructure of Sacrificial Procedure: Restraining, Killing, Cooking -- Putting Together the Fragments -- Natural Setting and Seasonal Patterns -- Vegetal Remains -- The Tiber River and Its Seasonal Flooding -- Seasonal Sacrifice -- Chapter Four Material Memory -- Memory at Lavinium -- Lavinium: The Sanctuary of the Thirteen Altars -- Memorability in Objects: Votive Deposits -- Emplacement, the Senses, and Memory -- Sensory Engagement at Lavinium -- Applications from Cognitive Science: Altars as Agents -- Special Agent, Special Patient Rituals, and Memory -- Special Agent and Special Patient Rituals and the Connection to Sacrifice -- Continuous Altar Building as a Process of Reconsolidation -- Vertical Assemblages: Largo Argentina and Ardea -- Gravisca -- S. Omobono -- Cosa -- Vertical and Horizontal Assemblages: Burial and Material Memory -- Sacred Monuments under the Lapis Niger -- Epilogue -- The Timeless Conflation of Past, Present, and Future -- Back to the Future -- Geography -- Depictions -- Faunal Evidence -- What We Can Learn from the Limitations of Evidence -- Beyond Sacrifice: The Broader Picture -- Notes -- Introduction -- 1 The Organization and Boundaries of Sacred Places -- 2 The Economy of Ritual -- 3 The Seasonality of Ritual -- 4 Material Memory -- Epilogue -- Bibliography -- Index